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Gear reviews

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Falke Energizing Compression Socks

Squeeze your legs

Falke developed high-knee compression socks for recreational runners with the aim of helping them to remain longer fit, and to enhance the fun-factor of running. We've tested the Falke Compression Energizing Running Socks during long runs, post run and while travelling.

For better performance and quick recovery

Compression socks deliver graduated compression for improved circulation and a quicker return of oxygenated blood to the legs. There is also the theory that compression socks reduce the impact of muscle vibrations while running because muscles are kept more compact which leads to less muscle soreness. Some studies suggest that are no significant differences in performance or changes in physiological parameters between runners who wear compression socks and those who are not. But there are also studies that show a faster lactate recovery rate after exercise when wearing the compression socks, so compression socks might speed recovery after a hard workout or a race. We suggest you should try a pair.

Great lower leg support

The Falke Energizing Compression Socks have been adapted to the foot size of runners and has a compression class 1 (pressure 16mm/hg). They are easier to put on than most other compression socks and fit neatly on your feet and legs and provide great heel, toe and ankle cushioning. They have a snug fit, but not super tight, and feel soft on your feet and legs. While running they feel comfortable offering great support to your lower legs. The compression supplies a firm hug that gives you an energized feeling. The soft elastic edge of the sock prevents slipping off and the fabric has superior wicking characteristics. The air channels in the soles help keeping your feet fresh and happy. The calves definitely felt better the next day then they normally do after a long run. The same effect occurred wearing them not during but after an intense workout.

Fly and run

You can also use compression socks while travelling. Wearing running compression socks during a flight helps to reduce edema and prevent any swelling that may occur in the ankle from reduced circulation caused by sitting for a long period of time. The socks will allow you to arrive with your legs feeling energized and ready to run.

Overall impression: these socks are ideal for runners who are looking for supportive running socks that enhance quick recovery and for runners who travel a lot.

€ 30,-
Materials: 45% Cotton, 30% Polypropylen, 20% Polyamid, 5% Elastan
Colours: black, grey

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