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Member stories

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Participating in the NYC Marathon

Reality, dream or fond memory?

The November 6th, ING New York City Marathon is on the mind of runners worldwide. For some, it is because they will be participating, for others, it is because of fond memories or because they hope to partake in the future. On our Facebook page and on the page of Mizuno Running, we received a lot of ‘NYC Marathon fanmail’! We would like to share some of them with you.

“One fine day”

Like many, Michiel Roos, a student in Nijmegen, The Netherland, hopes to join the famous marathon one fine day in the future, but for now the travel costs are keeping him from pursuing his dream. “As a student I can't afford to go there, unfortunately. But for me it would be the marathon of marathons. I'll run it together with a friend, someday! We´ve promised each other this a long time ago”, says Michiel, who has plans to join in at least one local marathon this winter: the Midwinter Marathon in the lovely forest area around Apeldoorn, and the Scheveningen-Zandvoort beach marathon, both in The Netherlands.

“Tears in my eyes”

Sierd Sikkema, from Breda, The Netherlands, has fond memories of the New York Marathon. “I participated in 2006, it was my third marathon ever. But certainly the best ever! I loved the atmosphere, it was unforgettable. Running through five areas of New York, all special in their own way... with the climax of First Avenue in Manhattan, where people line the streets, cheering and supporting you as if you are a close friend! I ran the last tough miles in and around Central Park in a sort of a haze. I passed the finish line with tears in my eyes. That – and getting the medal – made this an unforgettable experience.”

‘Smiling every step of the way”

On the Mizuni Running Facebook page, David Zaruk from Belgium states that he has had a similar experience: “I did the NYC marathon last year and was smiling every step of the way. With over 2 million supporters calling out my name in all sorts of accents, you can do nothing but smile. My suggestion to other runners is: make sure your name is clear on your shirt. I got a good deal on shoes at the Mizuno stand in the largest marathon expo I had ever seen. Some more advice: go back to Central Park the day after. Not just for the sale at the post marathon expo, but for the hundreds of people wandering around with their medals, reliving the moment. NYC Marathon: there is nothing else like it!” says David who, as his Facebook-page reveals: “runs to relax and de-stress. He runs to stay fit. He runs to be healthy and lose weight. He runs to find new sites and revisit favourite places. He runs to clear his head. He runs to improve his time and gain confidence. He just runs.”

“Saving money”

For Michael Broadley, a long-distance runner from Geneva, Switzerland, participating in New York is a dream that may come true next year. Michael says: “Unfortunately I have not been able to go yet. But I am planning to be there next year. I haven´t succeeded in getting a ticket through the NYC Marathon lottery, so I guess I will just have to start saving money – at least € 4,000 – to make it happen in 2012!”

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